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CORN………. “The Un-discovered Legend” Part 1

Hello Friends here we come up with another write up on “Commodity Corner Series”.

Here we would touch upon the importance of Maize crop in Indian commodity market and its relevance in the context of Indian Scenario 🙂


CORN………. “The Un-discovered Legend”

Maize, also known as corn, is a cereal which is an important crop after rice and wheat.

The domestication of maize has been dated back as far back as 12,000 years ago. Today, maize is widely cultivated throughout the world, in a greater size with top producing countries like United States, China, Brazil, France, Indonesia, India and South Africa.


Indian Scenario:

Andhra Pradesh is now the largest producer contributing around 21% of annual maize production.

India ‘s area harvested of maize and yield have risen by mainly on account of rising production of single cross hybrids seeds, its demand and increasing acceptability among farmers.

In India, its cultivation extends from the hot arid plains of Rajasthan and Gujarat to the wet hills of Assam and Bengal.

There are three distinct seasons for the cultivation of maize:

the main season is kharif;

next is Rabi in Peninsular India and Bihar and

in spring in northern India.


Normally, higher yields have been recorded in the rabi and spring crops.

Over 85 per cent of the maize acreage is sown under rain-fed conditions during the monsoon when over 80 per cent of the annual rainfall is received.

However, this year due to the erratic monsoon production has been affected, as a result of which maize prices have been in uptrend since the withdrawal of monsoon from the country.

During 2008-9, Indian exported 3 million tonnes of maize and 12,000 tonnes of maize seed worth of Rs 2,400 crore and Rs 2,000 crore respectively.


Stay Tuned for more on this.

In next blog we would touch upon the issues like Potential source of demand for Maize crop, Industrial Demand and PVO (Price-volume-open Interest) of MAize crops.


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ULIP service charges to reduce from October :)

ULIP service charges to reduce from October

ULIP service charges to reduce from October

Unit-linked insurance plan (ULIP) holders are expected to be bombarded with communication from insurers on reduction in ULIP charges due to IRDA’s strictures on capping ULIP charges on new launches, coming into force from October 1.

However, in July, the insurance regulator had issued a order to life insurers on putting a ceiling on their ULIP charges, except mortality/morbidity charges.

As well as per the notice, the difference between the gross return and net return for policies with tenure of up to 10 years should not exceed 300 basis points, while this gap is to be restricted to 225 basis points for those over 10 years and the fund management charge for policies across maturities is capped at 135 basis points.


Hence, if an individual plans to buy a ULIP before December 31, he/she needs to examine the product’s benefit along these lines to ensure if it is a new product launched under the new regime or an existing product that is yet to be restructured, in accordance with the guidelines.

Additionally, the yields will increase slightly and so will the minimum premiums while charging structures may also change to reduce the burden on small premiums.