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World Trade Organization (WTO) Chief Says Hopes of Doha Deal are Uncertain

The World Trade Organization (WTO) chief insisted members to resist protectionist pressure in the wake of the economic crisis, but said hopes of an early deal to free up international commerce are uncertain.

However, he said that in February this year, the global economic downturn was peaking while less than a year on; progress has been made but is not yet out of the woods.

Meanwhile, he said that the volume of world trade this year would decline a little more than 10%, which is unprecedented in modern times while in this environment, pressure for protectionist actions with their illusory gains for the domestic economy, will not necessarily diminish any time soon.

Further, success in completing the Doha round of trade talks next year as scheduled was vital to signal business and consumer confidence, and would strengthen the hand of governments as they confront protectionist pressures
On the other hand, this will not occur unless they are all ready for heavy political lifting at home while there would be a “crunch time meeting” in the first quarter to check if the goal was attainable.