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Govt Decides Against Rice Imports

Hello Friends here we come up with the Latest Agri Commodities updates from various parts of the country.


Govt Decides Against Rice Imports

Govt decides against rice imports:

In a calculated move to signal categorically to the world market that India was not in a desperate situation with respect to rice, the government said on Friday that it will not import rice for now.

The immediate implication of this move is that retail prices of rice, up 15 per cent over last year, will remain firm at least until early next year.

Rice output is estimated to have dropped 15 million tonnes due to poor monsoons this kharif.

The government has, over the last two days, put in place strictures that will force traders to report purchases of more than 10,000 tonnes of rice in a bid to check prices.

Punjab has also imposed stock holding limits on traders and millers for both rice and pulses.


In Other major Commodities Updates we can see how Government has bowed down to demands of Farmers after their mass protest in capital this week.


Government to amend new sugarcane price rule:

The government on Friday said it would amend a new sugarcane pricing rule, bowing to protests held in the capital by farmers demanding higher prices for their produce.

The government would delete the contentious part of the new cane pricing rule, Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee told reporters after a meeting of senior ministers.

Cane farmers believe the new cane price rule, which puts the onus on state governments if they decide to raise the cane floor rates fixed by the federal government, will curtail their bargaining power.

Earlier, Farmers from Uttar Pradesh (UP) state in northern India, which produces almost half of the country’s cane, have been on warpath for about three weeks to press for higher prices, forcing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to consider changes in fixing cane prices.


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Rising Sugar Prices Threatens to Make Coming Festival Season Bitter :(

Skyrocket prices of Sugar

Rising sugar prices are threatening to make the coming festival season bitter and are causing concerns for many consumers.


Moreover, in order to meet increasing demand, India will be forced to import sugar in large quantities and this in all possibility will further increase sugar prices.


However, local production has plunged to 14.5 million tonnes in the 2008-09 with demand at 23 million tonnes, the deadline for duty-free raw sugar imports has been extended by nine months to December 2010.


Additionally, the government is going to start a fortnightly sale of non-levy sugar with the September quota set at 2.11 lakh tonnes 🙂

This year most deficits have been met by opening stocks and next year they’ll need much larger imports of about 6 million tonnes of raw sugar and 1 million tonnes of white sugar.


Moreover, nearly 4 million tonnes of sugar have been already purchased by the Indian industry, while India’s sugar shopping spree abroad has sent prices of refined sugar in the global market skyrocketing.


Additionally, it is said that the world market has recorded a 28-year high and has shot up 60% to $610 per tonne in August 2009 from a level of $380 per tonne in October 2008.