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Let’s Talk About Mutual Funds ;)


Friends we will discuss now as to what are mutual funds before going on to seeing why to invest in mutual funds instead of stock 🙂

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is an investment that pools money from many investors, and that money is used to invest in stocks, bonds and other securities.


One mutual fund share includes a portion of a share of each stock held in the fund’s portfolio.

The stocks these mutual funds have are very fluid and are used for buying or redeeming and/or selling shares at a net asset value.


Mutual funds posses shares of several companies and receive dividends in lieu of them and the earnings are distributed among the share holders.


Who Decides What a Mutual Fund Invests In?

Mutual fund managers decide what securities to buy or sell guided by the mutual fund’s objectives.


If a mutual fund’s objective is to invest in the energy sector, the manager cannot buy shares in technology stocks.

Fund objectives let you know what to expect now and in the future.

Mutual funds can be either or both of open ended and closed ended investment companies depending on their fund management pattern.


An open-end fund offers to sell its shares (units) continuously to investors either in retail or in bulk without a limit on the number as opposed to a closed-end fund.

Closed end funds have limited number of shares.


Why Invest in Mutual Funds Instead of Stock?

You can invest in both mutual funds and individual stocks, but mutual funds are particularly useful in some cases.


*Diversification: If you do not have a lot of money to invest, creating your own diversified portfolio to spread risk will be difficult.

Diversification is automatic in mutual funds.


*Time : Successful investors take hours every week to analyze their holdings, stock market conditions and to educate themselves further on investing.

Mutual funds are a wise choice for those who lack the time to follow stocks so closely.


* Experience: Consistently investing well takes a few years of experience and learning from mistakes and successes.
If you are not experienced with trading stocks but want returns over and above what a savings account offers, investing in mutual funds is a good way to grow your personal assets.


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Inflation Moves into Positive Territory after 13 Weeks !


The inflation finally pulled back into the positive territory for the first time since 30th May 2009.


It remained in negative zone for 13 consecutive weeks.

India’s inflation came in at 0.12 per cent in week ended 5th September 2009, as against -0.12 per cent in the previous week.


Meanwhile, the rate was 12.42 per cent in the corresponding week of previous year.

During the week, price indices for primary articles, manufacturing products and fuel, power, light and lubricants reported rise.

The index for primary articles increased 1.3 per cent to 274.7 (provisional) from 271.2 (provisional) the week before.


Similarly the index for manufactured products also went up 0.1 per cent to 208.1 (provisional) from 207.9 (provisional).


The price index for fuel, power, light and lubricants also rose slightly to 343.4 (provisional) from 343.3 (provisional) for the previous week.
However, the price of naphtha declined 7 per cent.


The rate turned negative for the week ended 6th June 2009, for the first time since the new wholesale price index (WPI) series started in 1995.

The inflation rate had also turned negative in 1977.


Inflation touched a high of 12.91% for the week ended 2nd August 2008 and touched a low of -1.74% on 1st August 2009.


Welcome to the SMC Global Family :)

SMC Global Securities

SMC Global Securities

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• Category 1 SEBI approved Merchant Banker

• Insurance Broker (Life & Non-Life)

• Distributors of IPOs, Mutual Funds


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