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QIPs account for 60% of funds raised by India Inc

Qualified Institutional Placements (QIP) contrib-uted Rs 6 out of every Rs 10 raised by Indian companies from domestic sources in January-November 2009. Simply put, Indian companies raised Rs 47,419 crore from domestic sources in the 11 months of this year with QIP funds accounting for Rs 28,726 crore (about 60 per cent).

In the same 11 months of 2008, India Inc raised Rs 2,104 by means of QIPs out of the total Rs 48,807 crore garnered from domestic so-urces, shows a study by New Delhi-based SMC Capitals. This means that in 2009 QIPs account for more than half of total funds raised. Just to put the things in perspective, QIPs am-ounted for only 4.3 per cent of the funds raised during January to November 2008. This underlines the kind of domination QIPs have sho-wn in 2009; and QIPs have truly come to the rescue of cash-starved Indian corporates, said Jagannadham Thun-uguntla, Equity Head at SMC Capitals.

The funds raised thro-ugh IPOs as a percentage of total funds raised through domestic sources is to the tune of 31.7 per cent during January-November, at Rs 15,043 crore compared to that in January-November 2008, which was 34.8 per cent at Rs 16,995 crore, supported heavily by the Reliance Po-wer mega IPO of 2008. The funds mopped up from ADRs/GDRs have jumped up by more than 29 times from $0.1 billion in January to November 2008 to $ 3.15 billion in January to November 2009.