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Indian corporates use downturn to reduce costs

The global crisis changed the growth oriented goals of Indian businesses while there was a focus on operational effectiveness to ensure survival and companies undertook measures to achieve this as per a Price water house Coopers survey, Beyond the Downturn.
Indian corporates use downturn to reduce costs
However, India Inc. seems to have mitigated the impact of the meltdown on their businesses with over 91% respondents executing vital cost reduction and 70% reviewing operational/working capital cycle.

Moreover, India Inc. is bullish about its prospects and is beginning to assay growth again with the economy appearing to be on a path to recovery.

Meanwhile, it is said that survey respondents ranked cash flow management, difficulty in forecasting results and maintaining employee morale during the downturn as key constraining factors.

Further, majority of the survey respondents identified benefit from achieving increased operational effectiveness by following cost reduction, reduction in working capital and optimization of supply chain as a significant opportunity resulting from the downturn.

On the other hand, strong domestic economy, stable banking and financial system and timely government intervention were seen as key factors responsible for the less impact of the downturn on India.

Additionally, 99% of respondents viewed growing demand/volumes as their key recovery expectation with new hiring/ capacity addition getting the second priority.