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RIL See Retail Sector as Major Value Creator : Ambani

RIL See Retail Sector as an Major Value Creator : Ambani

Reliance Industries has identified retail sector as an important component of its five-platform roadmap for value creation.


The other value creators include conventional and renewable energy space, innovation and rural transformation, RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani said.

Reliance’s efforts would be on expanding the edifice created by Reliance Retail at the customer end and reinforcing supply chain and logistics,” the chairman said.

Ambani added that Reliance Retail would expand to new cities, markets and form strategic alliances.

This would be done through nearly 1,000 stores, while it has 900 stores across 86 cities.


The retail company has run up losses over Rs 450 crore in last fiscal.

Ambani said RIL would diversity its conventional energy space with new accumulations in three years.

RIL proposes to accelerate their campaign in the Krishna-Godavari basin,as per the chairman.

Meanwhile, the gas production levels have crossed six billion cubic metres and the D6 field is slated for plateau production by the second half of the year 2010.

Oil production from the D26 field has 2.8 million barrels with daily peak production expected by the end of the year.


With current cash balance of nearly Rs 19,420 crore, the company expects to be debt free in 21 months, Ambani said.

Even in difficult economic environment, RIL’s capital expenditure was Rs 24,713 crore ($4.9 billion).


However, the stock market was not enthused.

On the BSE, RIL stock saw a marginal drop of 0.65 per cent to close at Rs 2,133.75 per share.

“Whatever Mr Ambani has said is old. There is nothing to cheer investors.However, overall sentiment is positive.”

Jagannadham Thunuguntla, head, SMC Capital, and other market analysts feels so.


Food Inflation at 13.7% !!

Hello Friends here we come up with the Latest Agri Commodities updates from various parts of the country.

Food inflation at 13.7%

Food inflation at 13.7%

Food inflation at 13.7%:

The food price inflation went up marginally to 13.7% for the week ended October 31 following an increase in vegetable prices, but the arrival of winter crop is expected to bring down the prices soon.

The built up inflation in the current year, or the increase in prices from the beginning of the current fiscal to end of October, has been strong at 14.4% against 7.67% in the corresponding period last year, data released on Wednesday showed.

This rise has been particularly steep in case of pulses (21.2%), vegetables (54.5%) and potatoes at (127.6%), clearly indicating that poorer segment of the population, who would spend a high proportion of their income on food, would have been hit hard by the increase in the prices.


In Other major Commodities Updates we can see that wheat production in country is set to increase by 2 million Tonne in 2009-10.

Wheat Production to Increase by 2 Million Tonne in 2009-10:

Wheat acreage and production is expected to increase in 2009-10 rabi season.

A large area, which was not sown under rice due to poor monsoon this year, is expected to come under wheat according to scientists.

Area in central and southern belt will increase as unsown area will come under wheat.

Also, in the Indo-Gangetic plain of the Punjab plain, the Haryana plains, and the middle and lower ganga area will increase.

Rains in the month of September have ensured moisture availability for wheat.

However, the late harvesting of paddy (due to increase in temperature in the last week of October) has delayed sowing of wheat which is a big concern for the agriculture scientist and the farmers.


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