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NRI’s Deposits Surge $1.8 Billion in Q1 :)

NRI deposits in Q1

Overseas Indians continue to set great store by deposits with banks in India due to the upward revision in the interest rate ceiling while the Non-resident Indian (NRI) deposits with banks increased by $1.8 billion in Q1 of FY2010.

However, in order to counter foreign exchange outflows, the RBI revised the ceiling rate of foreign currency non-resident deposits to LIBOR/SWAP rates plus 100 basis points for the respective currency /corresponding maturities (as against LIBOR/SWAP rates plus 25 basis points).


Moreover, in the case of repatriable NRE deposits, the ceiling rate on NRE deposits was raised to LIBOR/SWAP rates plus 175 basis points.

Further, private transfer receipts which constitutes of remittances from Indians working overseas and local withdrawals from NRI rupee deposits, remained buoyant and rose by 9.4% to $13.3 billion during Q1FY2010 from $12.2 billion in Q1FY2009.


On the other hand, during Q1FY2010, invisibles receipts, comprising services (travel, transportation, insurance, software, etc), transfers and income (investment income and compensation of employees), decreased by 0.7% to $38.684 billion due to reduction in all categories of services except insurance and financial services and a decline of 20.3% in investment income receipts.


However, invisibles payments rose by 11.9% to $18.505 billion on account of growth in payments under services and income account.

The trade deficit declined to $25.986 billion and net invisibles was lower at $20.179 billion whereas merchandise exports recorded a decline of 21% in Q1FY2010 and imports declined by 19.6% as against a positive growth of 42.9% in Q1FY2009.