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India and China Inked a Global Climate Co operation Pact

India and China Inked a Global Climate Co operation Pact

India and China Inked a Global Climate Co operation Pact

In order to cooperate in the fight against climate change, India and China inked a broad agreement and also underlined a common position on controversial talks for a tougher global climate deal.

However, the agreement covers cooperation for action to reduce planet-warming greenhouse gases, transfer of technology and in areas of energy efficiency and renewables, etc.

Further, it is said that China is the world’s top greenhouse gas emitter and India the fourth largest whereas the deal is among many that India is sealing with rich and developing nations to prove its commitment towards sealing a new climate pact to expand or replace the existing Kyoto Protocol.


Additionally, this agreement holds good for 5 years and was signed by India’s Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh and Xie Zhenhua, vice minister at China‘s National Development and Reform Commission.

Similarly, India signed a deal with Japan this week and has also spoken of cooperation with South Korea, Brazil and the United States.

On the other hand, the India-China agreement stated that developed countries should take the lead in fighting climate change by reducing emissions and providing finance and technology to poorer nations.