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Global Slowdown Caused Slump in Growth Rate of the Demat Accounts

Global Slowdown Caused Slump in Growth Rate of the Demat Accounts


Despite the blistering pace kept by the equities market in the past 10 months, the rise in the number of new retail investors has slowed down.


According to the data from National Securities and Depositories Limited, the growth rate of demat accounts has declined to 6 per cent, compared with 13 per cent last year.

Experts attribute this to the overall slowdown in the economy.


As per experts a prolonged, dull phase in 2008 made investors jittery about investing in the equities market.

Also, as many individuals were scared of losing their jobs, so they did not intend to invest more.

There has been an average growth of 14.75 per cent in investors opening demat accounts till 2008.


Financial intermediaries such as broking companies, whose fortunes are directly linked to the markets, have witnessed subdued sentiments in the equity space from retail investors.

Experts cited 2008 market crash and the global financial meltdown as the reason for this negative development.

Moreover recession of last year had demotivated and scared the retail investors good enough to drive them away from the further investing.

This caused enormous loss for Financial intermediaries and most of the brokerage houses had to shut shop and retrench many staff too.


“The confidence of the retail investors is yet to be restored. Even in the case of new initial public offerings, only the institutional part is getting oversubscribed,” said Jagannadham Thunuguntla, head of research at SMC Capitals.


Retail Investors Lying Low Despite Spate of IPOs/Market Surge

Retail Investors Lying Low despite IPOs and market surge

Retail Investors Lying Low despite IPOs and market surge

Despite the spate of initial public offerings and the surge in the equity market, demat accounts have not shown any acceleration in growth in August or September.


Demat accounts rose at a steady rate of 1.34 per cent both in August and September, show data collated from depositories NSDL and CDSL.

Fresh additions — at around 2 lakh every month for the last four months — might seem substantial, but are not commensurate with the bullish sentiment for stocks, said marketmen.

The total number of Demat accounts stands at 155.67 lakh accounts as on September against 153.61 lakh accounts as on August-end.

The increase in new demat accounts is not substantial, given the rising interest in equities, both from existing and new investors.

Experts have cited the reason this is because retail investors are still not entering the market in a big way, it is just a trickle.

There is no significant change in retail investor sentiment during the past few months.

Typically, there is a big surge in new investors during the IPO season, but this time the pattern is different.


One of the reasons is that this time the IPOs, unlike earlier, are not crowd pullers.

Maybe because the issues were rather aggressively priced.

As even the bigger IPOs have not given any remarkable returns on listing, retail investors are shying away from them, said some brokers.

The retail investor appears to be unsure about the sustainability of the rally in the equity markets, said Mr Jagannadham Thunuguntla, Equity Head, SMC Capital.