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Coconut Development Board Urges Govt to End Dependence on Import

On Wednesday, the Coconut Development Board organized a seminar and the main discussion over there was the hurdles in boosting production of coconut in West Bengal.

Mr Sugata Ghose, Director, Coconut Development Board, identified several factors responsible for poor production of coconut in the State.

They included lower oil content of copra, little headway in the effort to produce high copra yielding coconuts, limited production of coconut on commercial scale, difficulties in procuring good copra from the Andamans due to restriction on the export of copra from the islands and from Kochi due to high transportation cost and, last but not the least, absence of awareness of the local people about the potential of the coconut crop.

“A few months back, Coconut Development Board has been notified as Export Promotion Council for coconut products and keeping this in view, we’re trying to involve coconut growers, coconut oil millers and coconut product manufacturers not only to step up coconut processing in West Bengal but also to boost production of value-added and processed coconut products in the country,” Mr Ghose observed.

Mr Ashok Sethia, President, the Solvent Extractors’ Association of India, said that the overdependence on imported oil totally neglecting local growers and the local oil industry was a dangerous policy being pursued by the government.