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India Inc created 3,00,000 jobs in US: Study

India Inc created 3,00,000 jobs in US: Study

India Inc created 3,00,000 jobs in US: Study

When the Indian outsourcing industry is being blamed for taking away American jobs, a study has found that corporate India has created employment for 3,00,000 people in the US between 2004 and 2007.

An India Brand Equity Foundation study released in Washington on Wednesday by Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma mentioned USD 105 billion contribution by the Indian industry to the US economy during 2004-07.

“This revealed a story of commitment to optimise and to invest in the future of the relationship,” Sharma said.

The USD 50-billion Indian outsourcing industry has come in for a major attack in the US, bolstered by President Barack Obama’s calls to the US companies to move from Bangalore to Buffalo.

Concerned over the backlash in the US, the Indian industry has been trying to lobby with influential Americans and opinion leaders about the benefits that the American can derive from developing economies.