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India is Ready to launch its Solar Mission

India is targeting 1,000 mw of power by 2013.

India is ready to launch its Solar Mission under the National Action Plan on Climate Change, with plans to generate 1,000 mw of power by 2013.

However, the Union Cabinet is considering the mission document, requiring India to generate 1,000 mw of solar power every year by 2013 while a complete package has been proposed to propel the power sector into `solar reforms” leading to annual production of 20,000 mw by 2020 if phase I of the solar mission goes well.

Meanwhile, in the first phase, between 2010 and 2013, the government is also proposing to generate 200 mw of off-grid solar power and cover 7 million sq metres with solar collectors.

If approved by the Cabinet, this  mission will entail 3 phases, with the ambitious targets and financial mechanisms for the latter two phases being reviewed on the basis of performance in the first three-year phase.

By the end of the final phase in 2022, the government hopes to produce 20,000 mw of grid-based solar power, 2,000 mw of off-grid solar power and cover 20 million sq metres with collectors.

On the other hand, solar lighting systems would also be provided to 9,000 villages under existing schemes by providing soft loans which would be refinanced by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited.