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India, China to Expand Cultural Ties

India and China will showcase their culture in each other”s land, holding major cultural festivals in 2010 devoted to traditional and contemporary arts, with an aim to boost people-to-people relations.

However, the year 2010 will witness the 2 countries take part in a major cultural exchange programme, with India hosting Chinese artists and China reciprocating by doing the same for Indians.

Meanwhile, while details of the programme are yet to be finalized, officials are planning to hold a months-long extravaganza in China, to showcase Indian dances, art and films among other things.

Further, with Bollywood educing a lot of interest in China, India also plans to bank on Indian films and music to establish connection with the Chinese masses.

India”s festival in China will largely be limited to India”s standard template of showcasing activities in performing arts, visual arts besides focusing on contemporary art to showcase the present cultural scenario in the country.

On the other hand, India, which has launched a major cultural diplomacy drive across South Asia, aims to foster strong people-to-people relations with its neighbors, including China which is India”s largest trading partner but has significant differences on border issues.