Weekly Update 27th September – 1st October 2010

Indian Markets posted fourth weekly consecutive gains led by rising optimism of growth and portfolio investments. The run up in the market was phenomenal and beyond expectations of market participants. Global investors seems to be going more anxious about India consumption and growth, complemented by continued monetary accommodation by developed nations in  order to propel growth. Indian Government recently raised the cap of foreign investments by $ 5 billion in federal and corporate bonds with a residual maturity of over five years. The step is viewed very positively in the sense that the ease of limit in federal bonds will take out interest rate pressure from the banks. The ease in corporate bonds issued by companies in the infrastructure sector will fill the estimated financing requirement of $1 trillion in the five years to 2017.


U.S. central bank kept its benchmark interest rate in the range of zero to 0.25 percent .The bank said that they are prepared to provide additional accommodation in the light of slower economic recovery. The statement raised the speculation that the bank may buy more treasuries down the year. Weaker growth has still kept the unemployment at above 9 percent levels and reflects that companies are still cautious. The U.S. markets surged to highest level since May as the orders for durable goods rose the double of market expectations.


Another happening that market is keeping an eye on is the political pressure building on Obama administration to take a stance on the China’s currency policy. The yuan has appreciated about 2 percent against the dollar since the central bank said it would pursue a more flexible exchange. However U.S. wants to see more rapid and “significant” rise in the yuan’s value.


With the visible positivity across the globe, Indian markets are maintaining up move and managed to close above the psychological mark of 6000 levels on the weekly basis. The weakness in the dollar index clearly strengthens the equity markets and lead to the fresh breakout especially in US and European counterparts.


One should maintain the stance of buying on dips. The Midcap stock may provide handsome return in the near future. Nifty has support between 5900- 5810 and Sensex between 19640-19200 levels.


It appears that bullion counter is taking advantage of every opportunity and making new highs now and then on rock solid fundamentals. Weaker than expected growth in manufacturing and services industries of euro zone, sovereign debt crisis in Ireland, plummeting dollar index amid some poor economic releases fuelled rally in bullions. Negative tone of global economy capped the upside of base metals and energy  counter, even fall in dollar index could not give much impact and they appeared shy to break the resistance. Local currency appreciation locked the movement of commodities. This week is full of event risk. GDP data of US and UK, consumer confidence data and employment data of US may give further direction to  commodities. Crude oil is witnessing lackluster trading and thus moving in range on ambiguity in the world economy. Energy counter needs big news for further direction. Spices should revive in this week.


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