Weekly Update 20th – 24th September 2010

Global market rallied in the week gone by after Japan intervened in the currency market to weaken yen and Chinese and U.S. economic reports raised the confidence of global growth. Stocks rallied in Japan after it intervened in the currency market to stem the Yen appreciation. The yenweakened to 85.85 per dollar after climbing as high as 82.88 per dollar earlier inthe week, the strongest level since May 1995.


Continuous reversal in Yen may leadto more investment in exporter companies in the region. The concerns overmoderate expansion in China got erased as the data showed that Industrial Production expanded 13.9 percent in August. The data gave optimism on global growth and led to rally in metals.

Consumer sentiment in U.S. fell to one year lowof 66.6 from 68.9 in August increasing the risk that consumer will cut back on theirpurchases.In India, RBI, in order to anchor inflationary expectations and as a step tocontinue the process of normalisation of the monetary policy instruments raisedborrowing costs for the fifth time this year.


It raised Repurchase (repo) Rate to 6percent from 5.75 percent, and the reverse-repurchase rate to 5 percent from4.5 percent. It seems that for now, RBI has done enough to contain inflationarypressures and as the repo rate is the operative policy rate therefore thetransmission from policy rates to market rates has strengthened.

Going forward,we expect that RBI would give due weigh to the macro economic situation ratherthan only inflationary pressures before doing any adjustment in monetary policyinstruments.We expect the market to remain firm as even advance tax numbers were higherthan that of last year. Next week U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to give stimuluspackage in its meeting scheduled on 31st September seeing the worrisomesituation of high unemployment and weakness in construction activity asindicated by the latest Fed Beige book finding.


With the positivity from the global front, we are steadily approaching near the alltime high zone and likely to extend the up move in the coming weeks withrequired consolidation for the sustainable move. Nifty has support between 5700-5550 and sensex between 19200-18800.Another round of quantitative easing by the fed amid falling dollar proved supportive to the bullions and once again lovable gold made life time high acrossthe bourses. Though it made life time high on MCX as well but upside was limiteddue to appreciation in local currency. Silver is also rocking on heavy investmentdemand. Even base metals recovered as many central banks maintained low borrowing cost but slow recovery is capping the upside of industrial metals. Evenfalling crude oil is indicating ambiguous trend. This week, bullions may see aconfident move further on fundamental and technical support.


Nevertheless,appreciation in currency may lock the price movements to some extent on domestic bourses. FOMC meet regarding interest rate will provide further direction to commodities. Expect a volatile week for agro commodities as expiryof September contract is scheduled on Monday.


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