Weekly Update 14th – 18th June

The global Markets reacted in a negative fashion with the onset of the week due to concerns arising from small increase in non-farm payrolls in U.S. & default risk from Hungarian Economy. The investors concerns subsided after Germany factory orders surged for a second consecutive month in April.


European debt crisis which has pushed down Euro 20 percent against the dollar seems to be helping the industry as the demand for goods from emerging economies like China is encouraging companies to add workers. Bernanke statement that the recovery is moderate-paced in U.S. further helped the market in recouping the losses. Although he said that Unemployment may remain high for some time. He also said that “We have right now a very accommodative, very easy monetary policy”. “We can’t wait until unemployment is where we’d like it to be” or inflation gets “out of control” to tighten credit, giving signals that hike in interest rate may come sooner.


IMF is of the view that the risk to the growth has risen significantly and policy makers around the globe are left with little or no room to provide support to the growth. China surprised the markets as the economy withstood the European crisis after showing that exports grew close to 50 percent in the month of May from a year earlier and new loans were 630 billion Yuan ($92 billion), beating the expectations.


In the monetary policy, Bank of England remained committed to the record low interest rates to stave off the threat of contagion from the euro region’s sovereign debt crisis. Coming back home, India’s Index of Industrial Production showed a significant growth of 17.6% compared to a year before. The seventh consecutive double digit growth complemented by double digit growth in capital goods & consumer durables may tempt RBI to raise interest rates with the Inflation hovering close to double digits. High inflation & more likely pick up in credit offtake due to strong Industrial Production activity may induce RBI to give signals to banks to raise the interest rates by making an increase in policy rates.


Trend of world stock markets is still down though all markets took a sharp counterrally from lower levels. If the rally sustains this week, then we can say that temporarily they have made a bottom. But the fear of Euro zone would still linger on in the back of our mind. Nifty faces resistance between 5150-5180 levels and Sensex between 17200-17400 levels


At present there are lots of opportunities for traders to take advantage of volatility in the commodity prices, but this is also the fact that money may not be consistently made on only one side. Last week, we saw a smart recovery in metals and energy complex while bullions fell. However, the movement was not so confident that we can say that downside is overdone and now we can see rally from the current levels. However, one can expect a gradual recovery in base metals prices. In bullions, rally may get tired but buying is still intact and any bad news can stimulate buying with limited upside. If positive data comes further as last week then base metals may see further recovery and vice a versa.


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