Weekly Update 24th – 28th May

Global markets nosedived after German financial regulator introduced a temporary ban on naked short selling and naked credit-default swaps of Euro-area government bonds to provide stability to the financial system from the excessive price movements. The move shattered the confidence among investors that the various efforts like 750 bn euro package to tackle the situation are not enough to stem the crisis.


EU countries efforts to cut down on their deficits by reducing spending & increase in taxes may lead to contraction in the region. The situation poses a serious threat to US & World economy as it could lead to slide in world trade & economic growth.


According to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research(EPFR), investors withdrew $12 billion from European & US equity funds in the week to May 19. In order to tighten the US finance industry regulation, the senate approved a bill to impose restriction on banks proprietary trading & to create a consumer protection agency having powers to write & enforce rule to ban abusive lending. In another development Fed raised the US growth estimates to a range of3.2% to 3.7% this year & lowered forecast for unemployment & inflation. The European crisis has not only hit hard the equity markets but also commodities as well. With the commodity prices coming down especially oil, it has somewhat reduced the inflationary pressures building up in the economies.


RBI deputy governor Subir Gokaran said “cautious pace is the best way to go and that is the stance,” after the Global economy outlook changes in the last six weeks. One the domestic positive development for the Indian Government that happened was 3G auction. The government managed to garner close to Rs. 70,000 crore, double the amount it anticipated in the budget estimates. This extra money is likely to lift the pressure on the market borrowing and will give some extra room to the government  for the developmental purposes. For the time being the markets are expected to remain in pressure & will eye on the monsoon to gauge how Indian economy will behave in the rest of year as agriculture is the mainstay for the overall development.


Overall trend of world stock markets is down though in the short term they are oversold and a bounce can be expected in the coming week which would be more of a relief rally. Till the European markets do not stabilize, the recovery might be short lived. One should be cautious in such markets. Nifty faces resistance between 5040-5120 levels and Sensex between 16800-17100 levels.


Volatility in the global financial markets is expected to calm down in near term which will lead to some recovery in base metals and crude oil. European Union finance ministers pledged to stiffen sanctions on high-deficit countries and ruled out setting up a mechanism to manage state defaults. Bullions may continue to trade on weaker path as decline in safe haven status can keep the prices pressurized.



Weakness in local currency has curtailed the volatility in bullions in domestic bourses to greater extent. Key economic releases like US GDP will set the course this week for base metals. Bulls may again take center stage in spices while oilseeds counter may try to find direction taking cues from CBOT and BMD. Wheat and Chana can trade in range with marginal buying.

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