Crude oil, the life blood of the economy, is rallying to highest levelssince 2008 highs, indicating that the global economy is back on track which is also supported by rise in key global equities markets. In the first quarter of 2010, front-month NYMEX crude prices rose 5.6%.


Crude oil prices have negated the hike in dollar index and crude stockpiles in US. Traders have placed fresh bets on a rise in demand affirming a faster pace of economic recovery in the US. Crude prices have more than doubled since dropped below $35 late in 2008, but still significantly lower as compared to the record high neaar $147 a barrel in july 2008.


Positive economic indicators of US like PMI, home sales and employment data are showing that economic recovery is back on track and that will increase fuel consumption. Data showing an unexpected increase in pending home sales and a survey result indicating service sector growth added to investors’ confidence in the US economy .


The institute of supply management’s non-manufacturing index rose to 55.4 in the month from 53.0 in february, sharper than economists expectation for a modest increase to 53.6.


A report from the National Association of Realtors the pending home sales index rose 8.2% to 97.6 in february,  from a downwardly revised 90.2 in the previous month, countering consensus expectations for a 51 decline.


According to EIA “Projected economic growth this year is higher in this forecast, with U.S. real GDP growing by 208% and world oil consumption weighted real GDP growing by 3.4%”. Given expected oil demand growth in 2010, oil prices should continue to firm despite expected increase in both non- OPEC and OPEC production this year.


According to EIA” projected growth in domestic crude oil production is more moderate in 2010, increasing by about 210,000 bbl/d” Crude oil future outlook looks promising as it is driven mainly with global economic recovery. And summer demand in US will also keep the prices well supported.

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