Indian Economy Set to Become World 3rd Largest in PPP Category

Indian Economy Set to Become World 3rd Largest in PPP Category


According to a latest report by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), India could move into third place in the individual country GDP ranking in the purchasing power parity (PPP) category ahead of  Japan in 2012.


This report projections stand against the Goldman Sach’s projection of 2032 in its BRIC’s (Brazil, Russia, India, China) report.


China, which was projected by BRIC’s report to overtake the US as largest economy by 2041, looks set to achieve this by sometime around 2020, the PwC report said.


“It seems highly likely that by 2030, China will clearly be the largest economy in the world on this measure (PPP), ending over a century of US economic hegemony,” top official of PwC, said in the report.

It said the credit crisis has accelerated the pace at which the emerging economies will overtake the developed ones.


The report also projected that India is likely to grow faster than China after 2020.

“This is because of India having a significantly younger and faster growing population than China, and also due to it having more catch-up potential as it started from a lower level of economic development than China,” it said.


However, the report cautioned that India will only realize this if it continues to pursue growth-friendly economic policies of the last two decades.


As per the report by 2020, it is projected that seven largest emerging economies, E7 (China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey) would be overtaking the G7 (US, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Canada) economies.

This will lead to a tectonic shift in the global economic power.




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