PM Adviosry Panel Suggests Drop in Inflation Rate to 7%

PM Adviosry Panel Suggests Drop in Inflation Rate to 7% by March End


The Prime Minister”s advisory panel said inflation could fall to 7% by fiscal-end, in the midst of projection that inflation could touch the double-digit mark.


However, noting that food prices which have pushed inflation to 7.31% for December are expected to ease in the coming months stated PMEAC Chairman C Rangarajan.


Whereas, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should take some money control measures to tame the rising prices.


Meanwhile, his optimism is in contrast to alarming projections given by market analysts.

Citi said that if the uptrend seen in fuel and metals continues, inflation could enter the double-digit range in the coming months.


HDFC Bank Economists stated that inflation is expected to touch 8.5% by March-end.


Moreover, Rangarajan said the rise in inflation is mainly because of the increase in prices of food articles, which is largely due to supply shortfalls.


Rangarajan expected the RBI to take back some special refinance facilities from the system while the RBI has projected inflation to be around 6.5% by this fiscal-end.


The RBI had offered refinance facility to various sectors of the economy, faced with credit squeeze in the economy due to financial crisis that broke out in September 2008.



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