China May Become World Largest Economy by 2030 : Report

China May Pip USA to Become World largest Economy by 2030


As per the latest report by Deutsche Bank, the economic and financial status of emerging market economies such as India and China will continue to do well in the future and the recent downturn will help accelerate the trend.


Report also suggests that the (BRIC) economies” increasing size will be making itself increasingly felt in the world markets, ranging from trade and investment to commodity markets.


Meanwhile, the BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China are likely to achieve significant growth in future.


Meanwhile, BRIC nations are already ranked among the top 10 on a PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) basis.


The impressive economic growth rates and greater participation in global trade and financial flows by the BRIC economies are re-shaping the global economic and financial architecture of these economies.


It is expected that with the constant present growth of the BRIC economies, political, economic and financial realities  of the world is going to change to the extent that China will replace the US as the World’’s largest economy by 2030.


All the four big BRIC economies carry at least one investment grade rating, currently, at the same time.


Moreover, China’’s and Russia’’s international status has been enhanced due to their substantial holdings of government controlled foreign assets.


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