India on the Verge of Getting a Non-Permanent UNSC Seat

India on the verge of getting a non-permanent UNSC seat


With its sole competitor from Asia, Kazakhstan, backing out of the crucial race, India inched closer to getting a non-permanent seat on the 15-member UNSC.


“We have done very well.  The kind of support that India commands is very substantial,” a senior diplomat said, with New Delhi enjoying extensive backing among UN member-states 10 months ahead of voting in the General Assembly.


Even before Kazakhstan dropped out, diplomats here estimate that 122 votes were in the bag but now that it is the sole runner from Asia, more votes are expected.


However, it is said that the kind of support that India commands is very substantial whereas to win, India needs two-thirds of the General Assembly vote.


That adds up to about 128 member states supporting it while the voting for the term starting in 2011 will take place in October 2010.


Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), an association of 56-Islamic states.

Being a member there, it was viewed by Indian as a serious competitor since it stood a good chance of getting the votes of a hefty number of Arab and Muslim nations in the General Assembly.


On the other hand, there is no guarantee that all nations that promise to vote, will end up voting while a late entry in the coming months can also split the votes.


The Security Council is made up of 15 statesfive permanent members who have the veto power and 15 non-permanent seats elected for a two-year term.


The last time India had a seat at the Council was in 1992.

In 1996, Japan won with India trailing behind with approximately 40 votes.


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