Cabinet is Expected to Allow Trading of Energy Units Saved

On the lines of sale of carbon credits by 9 power-intensive sectors, under the clean development mechanism, the Cabinet is expected to discuss a proposal in order to allow trading of energy units saved.

However, saving of an energy unit is to achieve the targeted production by consuming energy lesser than the prescribed level while the saved units can be sold to those who consume more energy than the norm.

Meanwhile, the proposal by the Power Ministry will require amendments to the Energy Conservation Act of 2001 whereas if the amendment goes through, the companies in power, steel, cement, fertilizer and five other sectors will be able to trade energy units saved.

Further, it is said that this would be a tad different from sales of carbon credits under the CDM, wherein a certificate of efficiency is issued to companies on the basis of overall energy conservation.

On the other hand, the proposal suggests reduction in the threshold limit of minimum load for buildings/offices to 100-kw from the existing 500-kw to bring in more commerce buildings and offices under the purview of the Energy Conservation Act.

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  1. Nice news, thanks for sharing buddy.


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