Govt Not to Impose Restrictions on Foreign Borrowings

Govt Not to Impose Restrictions on Foreign Borrowings


The government ruled out limiting companies from borrowing money from overseas market stating that the rise in foreign money is not a matter of concern at present and there is no such proposal.


However, companies are permitted to raise $500 million annually under the automatic route while infrastructure firms under the approval route can remit up to $100 million for rupee expenditure and for other companies the cap on approval route remittance is set at $50 million.


Meanwhile, capital inflows reached record levels as investors borrow cheap from advanced countries and invest in high-yielding assets in developing countries while this led to speculations that government may put in place a system of auctioning ECBs.


In India, foreign inflows through foreign institutional investors (FIIs), ECBs and foreign currency convertible bonds (FCCBs) have been on the rise, while FDI is not picking up as fast.


On the other hand, on a quarterly basis, the funds raised through ECBs and FCCBs increased by 70% in the September quarter to $4.61 billion while FIIs have put in a record over Rs 71,900 crore in the equities market.


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