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E-Filing of Service Tax to be Made Mandatory in Coming Months

E-Filing of Service Tax Set to be Made Mandatory in Coming Months

E-Filing of Service Tax Set to be Made Mandatory in Coming Months

The government will make electronic filing of service tax mandatory within a couple of months, said a senior official of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC).

“Electronic filing of service tax will be made compulsory in the next two months,” CBEC member Mr Y G Parande told reporters on the sidelines of a PHD chamber seminar.

Parande also expressed hope that despite impact of stimulus package on realisation of revenue, the government would meet service tax collection target during the financial year.

During the year, the government proposed to garner Rs 65,000 crore as service tax.

The service tax collection during the first seven months has dropped by 5.4 per cent to Rs 28,926 crore compared with corresponding period last year.

The collections of indirect tax, including customs, excise and service tax, fell by 21.6 per cent to Rs 1,26,903 crore during the period of April-October.


Attributing decline in revenue collections to incentives given by the government to help the economy combat the impact of global slowdown, Mr Parande said, “certainly, the stimulus packages have had the effect (on indirect tax collections), particularly because rates were brought down.”

Earlier, stimulus packages and economic slowdown have hit the exchequer hard as indirect tax collections shrunk by 21.6 per cent to Rs 1.27 lakh crore in the first seven months of this fiscal, against Rs 1.62 lakh crore a year ago.

All the three components of indirect tax — excise, customs and service tax — have registered decline in collections.


As stimulus is taking a heavy toll on the exchequer, talks have also already begun about when to withdraw it.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said it will be phased out from next fiscal, while Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had said it will continue till the global economy recovers.


Points to Remember while Selling Stocks – Part 1

Hello Friends here we come up with our another write up on “SMC Gyan Series”. 🙂

Points to remember while selling stock

Points to remember while selling stock


Buying a stock is simple, but Selling is actually harder as it requires regulation, understandable thoughts, and a tight rein on one’s emotions.

The ongoing optimism, slow economic revival, positive signs on the global front and high expectations from the stable government at home have forced bulls to give up their lethargic activities and to march northward.

Many investors who had seen the value of their stocks hit rock bottom and are now facing dilemma whether to sell or should they hold on? :O

Investors often face problems to take right decisions in volatile market as markets could head either way.

Wouldn’t it be disheartening if the markets rallied northwards, the day after you sold your stocks?

What if the markets come crashing down tomorrow, depriving you of the opportunity to enhance profits?

So, the decision to sell is critical.


Some of the points when to sell your stocks:

Prima facie, if there is any drastic change in fundamental of a company, this should be the only reason to sell stock.

But a depth research has to be done before taking any decision.

Changes includes;

-restructuring of its business model,

-different business focus and directions.



1. Margins Crashed

Margins are the profit that a company makes on its sales.

Rising gross margins tell us that a company is reducing production costs or raising prices.

Conversely, deteriorating margins say either that production costs are increasing and the company can’t raise prices proportionally or that the company is cutting prices in an attempt to maintain marketshare.

If there are expenses related to a new product’s introduction then margins might fall for inoffensive reasons.

Falling margins, either gross or operating, often signal a declining competitive position. Thus it’s important to check both.


2.Is There Any Drastic Change In Company’s Management?

If people in top management of the company say director or president who are liable for a company’s success begin to go away, there might be a few negative implications for the future outlook of that company as an investor.

You must look into and find out the root cause and also to see how much it could impact you.

If negative prospects, investor should sell the stock and should relocate the funds into a similar company that has stronger and more constant management.


3. What First Fascinated You To The Stock, No Longer Applies

For example, let’s suppose that you bought a stock of a health care company because of its innovative products in the pharmaceutical field and all of a sudden, it loses a crucial patent for a life-saving medicine.

This may result in a decrease of market share in its industry, which might lead to a reduction in future profits (resulting in a decline in the value of its stock).


Stay Tuned for more on this where we would touch upon other major points needed to keep in mind by investors before making any Buy and sell decision.

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Food Inflation at 13.7% !!

Hello Friends here we come up with the Latest Agri Commodities updates from various parts of the country.

Food inflation at 13.7%

Food inflation at 13.7%

Food inflation at 13.7%:

The food price inflation went up marginally to 13.7% for the week ended October 31 following an increase in vegetable prices, but the arrival of winter crop is expected to bring down the prices soon.

The built up inflation in the current year, or the increase in prices from the beginning of the current fiscal to end of October, has been strong at 14.4% against 7.67% in the corresponding period last year, data released on Wednesday showed.

This rise has been particularly steep in case of pulses (21.2%), vegetables (54.5%) and potatoes at (127.6%), clearly indicating that poorer segment of the population, who would spend a high proportion of their income on food, would have been hit hard by the increase in the prices.


In Other major Commodities Updates we can see that wheat production in country is set to increase by 2 million Tonne in 2009-10.

Wheat Production to Increase by 2 Million Tonne in 2009-10:

Wheat acreage and production is expected to increase in 2009-10 rabi season.

A large area, which was not sown under rice due to poor monsoon this year, is expected to come under wheat according to scientists.

Area in central and southern belt will increase as unsown area will come under wheat.

Also, in the Indo-Gangetic plain of the Punjab plain, the Haryana plains, and the middle and lower ganga area will increase.

Rains in the month of September have ensured moisture availability for wheat.

However, the late harvesting of paddy (due to increase in temperature in the last week of October) has delayed sowing of wheat which is a big concern for the agriculture scientist and the farmers.


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