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For past weeks we have been coming up with educational and informative inputs on topics like economic indicators, Positive Undertones in the Economy etc;

In this Blog now we would throw light on “Interest rate futures.

What is Interest Rates Future?

What is Interest Rates Future?

What are interest rate futures?

An interest rate futures contract is “an agreement to buy or sell a debt instrument at a specified future date at a price that is fixed today.”

Interest rate futures are useful to those who are willing to trade in future interest rates and would like to benefit from interest rate movements.


The underlying instrument in this contract is 10 year National Coupon-bearing government of India (GOI) security, whereas the notional coupon is of 7% with semi-annual compounding interest rate.


The GOI securities are the underlying assets which should have a maturity status between seven-and-a-half years and 12 years from the first day of the delivery month.

Interest Rate Futures are the most widely traded derivatives instrument in the world.


The total outstanding notional principal amount in Interest Rate Futures is 30.09 times higher than equity index futures.

Interest rates are linked to a variety of economic conditions.

They can change rapidly, influencing investments and debt obligations.

In a market environment where long term debt issuance by the government is increasing and the demand for it is growing, there is a strong need for a cost efficient hedging instrument against interest rate.


In Next Coming parts, we would try to understand why Interest rate futures are needed, what is the backbone of interest rate futures and many more related aspects in this regard. 🙂

Stay Tuned 😉

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