Investors Wealth Up 80% in Just Over Five Months :)


Investor wealth has increased by over Rs 25 lakh crore in just over five months from the beginning of the current financial year, on improving sentiments in the domestic and global markets.


According to an analysis of the valuations for the period (Apr 1-Sep 18), the combined market capitalization of all the firms listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange increased by Rs 25,02,749 crore or nearly 80 per cent.


Analysts believe the rise in investor wealth has been due to the upbeat market sentiments on indications of global economic recovery.

“The markets have given a healthy return on the back of positive mood among domestic and international investors,” SMC Global‘s Vice President Rajesh Jain said.


The total market valuation increased to Rs 56, 35,835.75 crore on Sep 18 from Rs 31,33,086.7 crore on Apr 1.


While, the 30-share benchmark index Sensex has given a healthy return of nearly 70% to hover around 16,700 level in September against 9,900 level in April.


The Sensex companies, which comprises of about 45 per cent of the total market capitalisation of all the companies, saw its combined market valuation rise by over Rs 10,00,000 crore in the reviewed period.


The combined market capitalisation of the 30 blue-chip stocks rose to Rs 25,31,831.55 crore on Sep 18 from Rs 15,31,252.34 crore on Apr 1.

However, the total turnover of the Sensex companies dropped to Rs 1,597.42 crore on Sep 18 from 1,705.52 crore on Apr 1.


Jain also said that the drop in the volumes is due to less participation of retail investors in the markets, which reflects that the run is mainly on account of institutional money, both domestic and international.


Meanwhile, foreign investment into the Indian stock markets are likely to cross USD 10 billion-mark by the end of this month.

Huge sum of USD 9.8 billion (Rs 47,674 crore) have already been poured into the bourses by overseas entities so far in 2009.


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