India May Lead the Second Wave of IT Adoption :)


As companies kept up investments in spite of the downturn and seemed more advanced than their counterpart globally it is said that India may lead the second wave of IT adoption.

IBM Corp. has come up with the concerned statement.


According to the IBM survey, 40% of Indian companies stated that they wanted to be first to take up a new technology, while 11% said they would wait till technology was widely available.


Moreover, companies have cut back less and have really continued their investments in India which is balanced to lead the second wave of IT adoption whereas small-and-medium businesses (SMBs) are the engines motivating the economic development.


On the other hand, recession forced 37% companies worldwide to decrease their IT budgets as compared to 15% in India.


Further, the IBM recognized India as one of its main growth markets and will continue to invest here along with Brazil, China and Russia.


Moreover, IBM plans to cash in on the business coming from SMBs representing more than 90% of all businesses employing over 90% of the world’s workforce in order to produce more patents than large firms.


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