India Inc Raises Rs.40K cr in Debt Market in Q1 :)

Indian-inc-raises-40k crores

Improved investment sentiments have led corporate India‘s fund raising plans to sky high level.


With more than half of the fund being mobilized by financial institutions, India Inc’s fund raising through private placement of debt has touched Rs 40,300 crore in the Q1 of the current fiscal.


This is an increase of huge 42% from first quarter of last financial year.


However, the April-June quarter of the present financial year saw a mobilization through debt (bonds) on private placement basis of Rs 40,300 crore, staggering 42% up from Rs 28,385 crores, raised in the first quarter of last financial year.


Moreover, the largest mobilization through the route came in from financial institutions and banks with more than 67 institutions and corporate houses raising the full amount during the June quarter.


Private placement of Debt is issue of securities, usually bonds that are sold without an initial public offering to a small number of private investors.


Further, fund raising of financial institutions through debt private placement increased 35% to Rs 21,002 crore in the June quarter.

Additionally, private sector beat public sector in terms of fund raising where its mobilization increased by 50% from Rs 11,184 crore to Rs 16,753 crore.


On the other hand, public sector financial institutions combined together, saw a decline in fund raising activity, whose mobilization stands 58% of the total amount, slipping 61% that mobilized in the previous year.


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