Rights Given to MF holders By SEBI :)


The recent move by SEBI, banning entry load and capping exit load, among other things, has turned the spotlight on the possible improvement in rights of mutual fund (MF) holders in the country.


Sure, we already have regulations in place. But the recent Sebi move points to improvement in investor rights.

The important rights that are available to MF holders are as below as per Sebi Regulations on MFs:

A) An investor is entitled to receive statements of accounts in 6 weeks from the date of request for unit certificates.

Every unit holder has the right to receive a copy of the annual statement and periodic statement regarding his transactions.


B) He also has a right to receive information about investment policies, objectives, financial position and general affairs of the scheme.


C) Trustees are bound disclose to unit holders any information that could adversely impact investments. Investors have the right to information regarding any adverse happening.


D) With prior Sebi approval, AMC can be terminate by 75% of the unit holders of the scheme present and voting at a special meeting.


E) He is eligible to receive dividend within 42 days of declaration, and the proceeds within 10 days from the date of redemption or repurchase.


F) They can also pass a resolution to wind-up the scheme.


G) An investor can also send complaints to Sebi, who will take up= the matter with the concerned MFs and follow them up till the issue is solved.


H) With the consent of 75% of the unit holders they have the right to approve any changes in the close ended scheme.


However in present world, usually no fund house takes an investor for granted, as nobody wants bad publicity.

Also, fund houses know that the Sebi is extremely serious about investor protection.

Still there is scope for more improvement.


When it comes to quantitative rights like receiving dividend or redemption cheque on time, things are very much in place.


However, when it comes to transparency or frequency of portfolio disclosure, things can still improve.

Transparency is a big issue in mutual fund industry.

Still there are schemes in market with strange and funny names, or the repackaged schemes where the investment objective and investment portfolio are not close to each other etc;
These can confuse investors.


Another area which could improve is frequency of portfolio disclosure. Many Fund houses are lacking in the disclosure of portfolio twice a year, a choice given to them.


So moral of the story is that before investing everybody should take necessary action to familiar with the scheme and at the same time should be aware of their rights and obligations.


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