Where Are We Heading To? Part 2

Indian Stock Market Growth

From the positive happenings in the economy, let’s see how the stock markets have behaved amidst all this?


The price charts of many companies reflected that the investors were in a catch-up mode.

This was evident from the stock price trajectory of most stocks, which saw a sharp spike in few days.


In many cases, the stock prices nearly doubled in a matter of few trading sessions.


It’s a kind of emotion that grips a commuter when he/she loses a train or bus by a fraction of a second.

When we see a bus/train departing in front of our eyes, we rush towards to it without caring about the risks involved.

What if you hurt yourself badly in the process? But who cares?


Those days seem to be back where most of the frontline stocks are at their 52-week highs or better, but, still their valuations, measured by various ratios such as price-to-earning multiples or price-to-book value among others are far from the highs of 2008.


Valuations come with expectations. πŸ™‚

Higher the valuations, greater is investor expectation from that particular stock.

To justify the elevated valuations, corporate earnings have to grow at a significant rate.


Companies also have to improve the quality of earning i.e. the profit growth has to be accompanied with an equally rapid rise in cash flows and dividends payouts.

But can this really happen? To support this, we have the World Bank statement, who said that India would grow 8.1 per cent in 2010, ahead of China (7.5 per cent).


The numbers in the survey also suggest India is finally ready to rub shoulders with its northern neighbour.


The point is, India is better placed to face the economic slowdown as compared to other large economies because of the diversified nature of the economy in which some sectors witness robust demand to mitigate the impact of a demand slowdown in other sectors.

It is clear that the Indian economy is recovering from the clutches of the world economic crisis.


Even the performance of the stock market has shown signs of revival of investor interest and confidence, both domestic and


The confidence of FIIs in India started to built up in the last few months which is evident from the FII figure mentioned above and tends to be in upbeat mood going forward.

Therefore, even if economic growth does recover in India, it would be a different than what we have seen in the past.

And to gain, investors will have to offload baggage of the past and look at the future afresh.


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