VC/PE funds set their sight on Micro Finance companies :)

Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists/PE (private equity) funds are now looking at investing in micro finance companies in India.


According to observers, around Rs 1,000 crore is expected to be invested by venture capitalists/PE funds in the Indian micro finance space (MFIs) this year.


In fact, of the 50 private equity deals worth $1 billion in banking and finance in the last 18 months, MFIs alone accounted for 20 deals amounting to $200 million.


Apart from MFI focused funds, other venture capitalists and PE funds who consider opportunities in the financial services space are now adding micro finance to their portfolio.

Many venture capitalists are excited about investing in this space now.

Many MFIs especially south-based ones have the right professionals and processes in place. Early stage investors are keen to enter this space.


The venture fund does early stage investment and primarily focuses in healthcare and technology.


Many MFIs have also demonstrated scalability of the business and also boast of a good management structure, essential elements for VC/PE funding.


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